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Armed with that knowledge, let's move on.

Could Any of These Men Have Been the Zodiac Killer?

I had forgotten its tagline was " Welcome to the urban jungle. An erg is the amount of work done by a force of one dyne exerted for a distance of one centimeter. It seems like the only way to define units is by using other units. It's units all the way down. It means there's three OUTS in an inning, and no batter on base.

The New York Times crossword absolutely adores corporate acquisitions. Today we learn that Verizon bought MCI , a telecommunications company with itself a dizzyingly complex history of name changes and buy-outs, for 7. I liked the theme of this one, though the clues were pretty blah: no wordplay, and mostly straight-up synonym definitions.

Well, they can't all STUN us with their brilliance. The astute solver may have noticed that the first words of all these phrases are synonyms of "to call on the phone. I knew it was grown in Hawaii. The macadamia is the only native Australian crop that has ever been developed and traded internationally as a commercial food product. However, I do enjoy her role in "Goliath.

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On June 14 , I complained about soon as. ETTA James comes up a lot in puzzles.

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Here she's clued as having the song " At Last. It's a beachfront neighborhood made up of six distinct beaches in O'ahu. Otherwise it's a fairly SO-SO puzzle, with lots of straightforward, literal clues. And we really don't need any more amo, amas, AMAT in puzzles ever again. In AWL, I had very little trouble with it. At first I thought it was a rebus, with the last member of each trio taking up one square, which slowed me down. But it isn't a rebus; the final word has just been moved to another answer and in the upright vertical position.

I spelled those first two named with I's originally, which cost me some time. He was married twice, once to an Englishwoman, once to a Swedish woman, and had a family in England. Two of his daughters became professional opera singers. He played Othello! I didn't know that WNYC was the producer of "Radiolab," but I like answers like this that are easy to guess after a few letters.

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I thought it might be Louie Lou. Shark and Thor: Ragnarok , both of which I enjoyed. Interestingly, the word comes from the same root as broccoli. I don't like "have AN IN with. North Carolina university ELON has appeared several times , but this is the first time the puzzle has clued it has having sports teams called the Phoenix. I wrote that exact sentence on October 28, One day I'll know this. Clever clues: "Fall guy?

OOF, look at that time. It was edutaining! Also, "embiggen" as a clue is always amusing. I approve! And now to the stuff that troubled me. It's the more modern LGBT. Did we know there was a TV series of that name? It's named after a WWI battle. The film La Dolce Vita took place there.

They are autonomous, but part of the Netherlands. Bonaire is known for being a "diving paradise", with ecotourism playing a large part in its economy. The islands have a huge variety of wildlife, including flamingoes and four species of sea turtle. I don't know anything about it; I would have written rojo if it had fit. ISU's mascot is the Bengals, which makes no sense. I know some high culture!

Clever clues: "Good time to build a castle? This was an exceptionally funny, very well executed puzzle, the best in a long time. My time: , better than average but nearly twice as slow as my record. Some of the clues are just plain devious, such as: "like the Trix rabbit. Way to throw us off the scent. Four people have used this title since The Nazari are a small branch of Shia Muslims, who teach the value of reason and pluralism.

He died there in They are apparently used in perfumery? Organic chemistry may as well be Japanese to me. La Liga Santander because it has promotions with Santander Bank , the men's top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system. It's the state river of Indiana. Many towns, two counties, two colleges, and a canal are named after it. As I've written before, I don't know anything at all about musical notation.

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I guess they're found "near key signatures? OSLO, Norway, is one of many cities that tries to have a car-free city zone. Clever clues: "Ones sticking around a desert? This was a pretty tough Friday, but I enjoyed the puzzle. I liked the tricky wordplay.

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The theme is a word ladder, which is inherently boring when you get clues like "third word They can barely get the words out. And it's poorly executed, because it has multiple superfluous steps. Okay, but The fill wasn't exactly thrilling either. It is located in the neck of the eagle.

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