Cosmo horoscope january 4

Regardless of which one of those categories you fall into, this article will be FUN. Cancers are the most compatible — you guys have a deep physical and emotional connection, as well as Virgos, who are easy-going and practical like you are. Capricorns and Taureans are supposed to have the most compatibility of all star signs, so if you meet one….

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Tauruses will make your heart AND your body go wild, though — while Pisceans will really vibe with your nurturing nature, and Scorpio? Well, just get ready to bone like 3 times a day, OK. Gemini will match you on an intellectual level, though.


Get with a Cancer though, and expect to basically break your bed with hot sex, ok — or go for a Piscean if you want that finish-each-others-sentences closeness. Your biggest mental and emotional connection though? Cancer is a real good match though, their nurturing nature is well matched with your love for connection, as well as Scorpio — a Scorpio can basically read your mind, so unique is your intuitive connection. Want more?

Focus on organising your life — both at home and at work. Be open to making changes to advance your career.

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This Super Moon emphasises your love life, friendships and work relationships. Use your creative talents in an innovative way to realise your career goals. This is the year to get your career off the ground — starting now. Think about what you really want in your life and go for it. Your finances take centre stage this week. This is the best time to rethink what is best for your future prospects — consider all your options, ready to make your move when the time is right.

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You are gaining inner strength, ready to deal with every eventuality, whether to do with romance or finances. Then, on Sunday, Venus beautifies your career. Date night on Monday?

Why not? Relationships determine life quality, so have at it. On Friday you're hit by wanderlust—reflect on what needs change, and Venus on Sunday will help you find the right strategies to make it happen.

Get your hands dirty, and commit to practices that support your best life. Friday could reveal an uncomfortable truth related to your friendships, so consider empathy, boundaries, or curiosity as your three solutions.

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Venus helps things get a bit sexier on Sunday when she lights up your intimacy and sexuality zone. You're thinking about partnership on the job in a different way—are you feeling supported?

Weekly Horoscope January 4th, 2016 - Astrology Answers

Are you supporting others? Make it happen. Venus enters your most romantic sector on Sunday and helps you invite, deepen, or transition the love you crave. Friday will have you get out of your own way. Shake up the stories in your head with critical awareness, or break the rut. Venus lights up your joy and romance sectors on Sunday, renewing you with optimism and confidence for the weeks ahead.