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I spend literally everyday all day with him I leave for work and when I come up he's just so clingy to me and personal I don't like that. I don't want a relationship like that I do want things to work but I have tried everything. Shantel Im a Scorpio single now 2 years I met a gorgeous Aquarius we have a spiritual connection.

We can talk on the phone for hours. We have met at his house just a friendly conversation. Im not sure if he wanna date me. Gertrude Noname Hey everyone, The actual birthdate of each of you will determine your compatibility. Look into numerology for details and uncanny accuracy.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

I know this for fact. Scorpiooo Go for it You won't regret it!! The union is magical. I've been with my pisces for about a year and it's been magical. I have an uncanny way of attracting the controlling and manipulating men and the next is always worse than the last.

Scorpio compatibility: Who do Scorpios get along with the best in love?

Ready to find a true man that will be good to my son and me both. I'm too trusting and want to believe everyone's intentions are as mine but it leaves me vulnerable and an easy target. Feeling insecure in my ability to have a good relationship, I often wonder if I am the underlying cause of the relationships going to hell in a handbag. Trying out the online thing and met a Taurus who is drop dead gorgeous first off and seems like he has his ducks in a row. The physical attraction is super intense, almost uncontrollable! He got divorced the end of last year after 24 years so I'm extremely cautious he's just sampling flavors right now.

Water and Water

I being a scorpio of course can be pushy and expect the answer I want back and now. Can't tell at this point if he is as into me as I am him.

Scorpio & Taurus

Don't want to scare him away but also don't want to waste my time or already start to mistrust. Taurean We love scorpion just be itself do not hold back nothing he'll love you. Hazel Hellllooo scorpios.. But a good listener is scorpio man.. He really understand me I dunno why sometimes i have a crush on gemini,, As u all know,scorpio and gemini aren't match for each other But i saw an actor who is gemini has relationship with a scorpio girl for 4 years..

Lil strawberry It depends on your moon sign and Venus sign. You might find his Venus is in Virgo which make it a good match. I get along very well with a Scorpio friend as we both have our moon in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio. I match his passion and intensity and am emotionally stable.

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Unfortunately he cheats so I choose to not get involved and I dont trust him which is all important to a Virgo. Adrian Agreed. Jenny Pisces f in a relationship with a Scorpio m , although it's a bit rocky in the beginning due to our indifference, I can tell you that being with a Scorpio is a blessing. Sure, Cancer is our soulmate, but God, I love how this man just still loves me after every thing and I do too.

The sex? I do want to marry this guy, no doubt.

I might end up proposing if anything. I really could and I want it. Amor Ponce I'm a scorpio and I'm in love with a man with a Pisces sign,we met online,first it was like at first chat and when i met him in real after 3 weeks and 4 days my feelings are too fast it's not like at anymore,this is crazy but I fell in love with a man i just knew online, and something happened i know he also has feelings for me but it's hard for him to tell because we have different time and we're thousand miles away from each other, now I'm regretting, I should have asked him what are we?

Am i his girlfriend? What happened to us,was it love making or a plain sex for him? Sandie Scorpios are great lovers for Virgos I packed up and moved to be with my love he sill sees other women but we have an understanding. I would like to know whether we can goes further or not. Scorpio I was born close to the cusp of Scorpio and Libra, and share traits form both. My now X-wife is a Leo.

Which Star Signs Should Scorpio Date?

She was domineering and controlling. NOT a good combo at all. After a mostly unhappy marriage of 13 years we split. It was very messy. Next time I will pay attention to her sign IF I ever do that again. Scorpiana I am a Scorpio woman and I'm married to an Aquarius man.

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We have been childhood sweethearts and have been married for the past 23 yrs - straight out of high school. Our sex life is awesome and we are still madly in love with each other just like we were when we first got married. He is my lover, my husband, my best friend all in one. Piscesha Pisces f I'm inlove with a Scorpio man.

It's like, what! It's so intense! Chi Am scorpio, my man is virgo. He is d best man on earth,caring loving ,faithful. His friends around us envy our love. Please oo dnt alow dis zodiac sign drive u to loose ur soul mate. Grant I'm Scorpio my wife is Virgo I been there for him. Now he said he wants to kick it. And we was talking about the key to my house. First he volunteer to return it then he said he think he will hold on to it. I have pushed away some. Wat to do? Roseann gooding I am a scorpio n my last relationship of 18 yrs was with a tarus but it like two yrs apart , cheating ,lies hmm but they are sly loving at time,s my next was moths datin a pisces.

Tyler Cancer is a good idea. A girl I like a Virgo and I'm a Scorpio how do you think that'll work out.

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A guy I'm scorpio male and i like a virgo girl, but i feel Maybe I am more passionate abt our relationship than her. Stacey Scorpio male and cancer female great match! Soul mate connection. MrsScorpio I'm a scorpio and have been with my Cancer husband for 15 years, married for 5.

He is my world.

I don't care what zodiac sign you are, as long as we keep the fire burning and the relationship strong, that's all what matter. However, if this is what you share with your lover, your sex life will never suffer but will be filled with satisfying moments. The best time for you both to create emotional security is during sex. It is the case that both of you are ready for each other. Just like you want someone that can reach the emotion behind your rationality, your lover wants someone that will satisfy his communication craves.