Kua number horoscope

Hence have the main door as in north east sector. Houses facing north east and south west are also bad. I have been asked this many times and each time I tell them the truth of how I feel about kua numbers. In fact, Kua numbers are good for knowledge only. Their use is actually quite limited. What is important is the location of the area where they are sitting to do work, or to sleep etc.

Chinese Astrology: Kua Number (or) Gua number : Fengshui

How can you change their mind? And Ming Kua numbers really do not work! The colour blue comes under the category of the metal element. So that colour will make a strong fire person even more bad tempered. And the blue colour will also hurt the divine water dragon and therefore the house will not be able to receive good luck. Disharmony and no wealth will be the result of the family members staying in that flat.

Your friend is right. It is not advisable to hang metal wind chimes in any sectors of the house as certain sectors can attract spirits to your house when you place them there. If your main door faces the west and your flat is built after the year , then it is alright to put a metal wind chime at your door. Fish tank cannot be placed where you like. As long as you do not know which family members are of weak fire or strong water person, it is not advisable to have a fish tank in your living room and especially not at the West.

Follow these simple steps to calculate Kua Number.

Feng Shui Kua Number Chart & Calculator

Our Services. Home Feng Shui Kua Number. Vaastu International. Style Switcher. After knowing these do you feel interesting to know about your Kua Number so that positive energy flows in your life? Our application will not only help you to know about your Kua Number but also it will help you to know about your element sign, best time of the day, best health direction and many more.

Important: your birthday

It will also help you to know about your compatibility level with other Kua element. There are different interpretation of the Kua Number which involves further calculations like assigning groups and predicting. So, leave the rest complex interpreting part to us. Provide us wit your correct Date of Birth and Gender and voila!

The Kua Number application is Free!! Give it a try right now!!

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Animal Sign and Kua Number

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